Training for dialysis

Once a decision has been made about which kind of dialysis to use, the planning begins. This is a really important time as the preparations help give a good start on dialysis. At the same time – thinking about transplantation can begin as well.

For haemodialysis a fistula may be planned - this will take 2-3 months to get large enough to use. The catheter for peritoneal dialysis will be placed about 2 weeks before it is needed. Training for peritoneal dialysis will probably take 4-5 days and will be done as an out-patient. Some patients may opt for home haemodialysis and training will take 3-4 months.

It's a very busy time. Patients may need to reduce or alter their working hours, and parents of young families may need to arrange child care facilities. (Renal Unit Social Workers and Renal Counsellors can offer support with any problems, financial or emotional).

Do talk to other patients to gain day-to-day tips on everyday problems - it's reassuring to know you're not alone.

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