Your kidneys have to remove the left-over waste products from your blood. If they are not working properly, however, the waste products can build up, causing many of the symptoms described in The symptoms of kidney failure.

By altering what you eat, you may be able to reduce the levels of certain waste products and reduce the severity of some symptoms. The key points are to eat healthily and to keep well nourished.

Depending on your condition, altering your diet could:

  • Help keep you feeling well
  • Affect the medication you may need to take
  • Influence the amount of dialysis

However, the need for a change in diet is largely based on your blood results and is only advised once these results become raised above the norm. You should not alter your diet without advice from your doctor or a Renal Dietitian.

There are ways of cheering our diet up. It's not so bad after all.

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