Your relationship with the renal team

Large renal units usually have several different departments:

  • Outpatients
  • Renal Ward
  • Haemodialysis Unit
  • Peritoneal Dialysis Unit (or Home Dialysis Unit)

Each of these areas normally has a head of Department or a Charge Nurse or Sister and they in turn have their team to help run the department.

All these people work closely together, with the overall aim of helping you and your family manage every aspect of your kidney problems. The whole renal team is there to support you in keeping yourself as healthy as possible and in becoming confident about taking control of your treatment.

Usually you will be picked up from home by an ambulance or car. Some patients can make their own way in
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In any unit, you should always be welcome to ask questions or to talk to the staff about any anxieties you may have.

Never be afraid to ask for help or for explanations about things you don't understand.

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