This site has been made possible by a generous grant from the Wellcome Trust's Science on Stage and Screen awards.

This site is the result of collaboration between health care professionals, experts in information technology and multimedia, specialist health care writers, and - above all - people with renal failure, their families and carers.


Articles were written by Prof Peter Rutherford, a healthcare professional then at University of Wales College of Medicine, and Al Brookes, a freelance patient information consultant.

The other people who have contributed to this project are:

  • Patients and staff at the Wrexham Maelor Hospital Renal Unit
  • Tom Bowen Associates: Tom Bowen, Paul Forte
  • Cogapp: Alex Morrison, Rory Matthews, Victoria Baker, Tim Frost, Nik Honeysett, Rachael Rainbow, Gavin Mallory, Stephen Norris, Stuart Lamour, Zach Woodham, Scout Burghardt, Jon White, Jodie Murgatroyd.

We also wish to thank Brighton Health Care for allowing us to use material from their booklet 'Living with Kidney Failure'.