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Here are details of other web sites and books which you may find helpful. Your renal unit will also have details of other sources of information.


Books and leaflets

  • Kidney Failure: the facts
    by Stewart Cameron
    Oxford University Press
    ISBN: 0-19-262643-4
  • Kidney Failure Explained
    by Dr Andy Stein and Janet Wild, RGN
    Class Publishing
    ISBN: 1-872362-90-7 (2nd edition 1859590-70-5)
  • Kidney Dialysis & Transplants
    by Dr Andy Stein & Janet Wild
    Class Publishing
    ISBN: 1-859590-46-2
  • Kidney Transplants Explained
    by Dr Andy Stein, Dr Rob Higgins & Janet Wild
    Class Publishing
    ISBN: 9781859591932
  • Living Well with Kidney Failure
    by Juliet Auer
    Class Publishing
    ISBN: 1-859591-12-4
  • Vital Nephrology
    by Dr Andy Stein, Janet Wild and Dr Paul Cook
    Class Publishing
    ISBN: 1-859591-02-7