Holidays for renal patients?

Peritoneal dialysis patients can holiday just about anywhere

Bags of fluid can be delivered to their holiday destination. This may be arranged through your Unit by speaking to the company that supplies your dialysis fluid.

If you have haemodialysis

Provided that you are free of any infections - your dialysis can be carried out in most units within the UK - all you have to do is choose a holiday close to these units. However, space limitations may make this a problem in terms of dates and timings.

Dialysis can also be arranged free of charge in other countries although travel can be challenging and arrangements within Europe will be changing. Your unit will be able to give you advice and guidance. There is no charge for haemodialysis in parts of Australia and New Zealand, but there is in the United States of America. However, there may be some concern about infection risk in some areas - you should discuss this with your Renal Unit.

Before you arrive at your holiday dialysis unit, they will already have been sent your latest blood figures, the hours spent on dialysis, the type of dialyser used, a list of drugs taken, and any particular problems relating to your health.

Kidney Care UK ( offers practical advice and also holiday grants to help dialysis patients go on holiday. Further information about holidays and travel for dialysis patients is available on the Global Dialysis website.

Being able to take a holiday on dialysis was like being set free...

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