Recently diagnosed

When kidney failure is diagnosed, people can have a range of different emotional responses - disbelief, fear, anger - sometimes all of these. Whatever you are feeling at present, please remember that it can be very helpful to talk about your feelings with people who care about you.

You will also find it helpful to talk to people who know about kidney failure - the staff at your Renal Unit, as well as other patients and carers who can give you not just the information that you need, but share with you their personal experiences of the condition. You may be surprised to discover just how positive these people are, and how bright the outlook can be.

It is entirely natural to be worried about what the diagnosis will mean to you, and the changes that will occur in your body and your lifestyle - but it may help to have some idea of what to expect. This website has been written to give you an overall view of your condition, the different treatment options, and the support that is available to you. It will also look at some of the practical and emotional aspects of living with kidney failure, and tell you about the different people who will be working with you to manage your condition.

We also invite you to involve your partner or family in the learning process as much as possible.

I found it very hard, at first, to accept the fact that I had kidney failure...