The link between diet and how you feel

Poor appetite is a common problem for kidney patients, and must be treated seriously, as it can lead to severe loss of flesh weight, or malnutrition. The most important thing to do if you are not eating well is to talk to your renal dietitian. He or she will have some specific advice for you.

Here are some general tips for dealing with a poor appetite and keeping you well nourished:

  • Arrange to see your dietitian.
  • If you can only manage small meals, try to eat extra snacks between meals.
  • Use full cream milk instead of low fat milk.
  • To add extra calories to your diet, add butter or margarine to cooked vegetables. You can also spread it more thickly on bread.
  • If you are not diabetic, include more sugar in your diet.
  • Ask your dietitian if you need special supplements in addition to your usual diet.

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