Is it an option for you?

Not everyone chooses to have a transplant - some prefer the dialysis and feel well enough - and there are sometimes medical reasons why a transplant operation is not possible.

People who are least likely to be suitable include patients who have a serious heart or lung disease or problems with leg circulation or cancer, and frail elderly patients who are unlikely to tolerate the operation or the medication that is needed afterwards.

Many kidney patients are suitable for a transplant. Your doctor will be able to advise you. In some centres a combined kidney and pancreas transplant may be possible for diabetic patients.

I was shown a booklet about transplantation, and I admit I was terrified of the thought of it, but three years on I am now very well...

When asked to assess a 78 year old patient for transplantation " I will look at the condition of the engine, rather than the miles on the clock!"A quote from a Transplant Surgeon


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