suggestion... how about introducing ourselves??

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suggestion... how about introducing ourselves??

Post by Rik »

just thought that as this was new ... we could start afresh and introduce ourselves ...
waddya think?? ...
should I start??
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Post by SteveUK »

OK, here goes.

I'm 22 years old, diagnosed ESRF March 2002, 15 months of haemodialysis, transplanted May 2003, live donation from my mother :) I know study Open University courses and I'm going back to College in September, to study computing. General health now is "ok", alot better than it was on haemo, but nowhere near what I was feeling when none of this was going on.

The 'roids make me invincible! :P
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Post by JMan »

you should've started LOL.. Now I get to be the first..:) darn, Steve beat me too it.. OK the 2nd

Name: JMan
Place: somewhere in london, England, Planet Earth, The Universe.
Weather: Sunny
Music: None at tthe moment but I can hear a grass roller squeaking and a hound barking above the sweet whirr of my mac:)
Mood: Pretty chilled.
Age: somewhere approaching 30 :D
Kidneystuff: Original diagnosis ESRF in association with megacystic megaureter syndrome (malformed bladder & ureters) at about 5 years old.
Third renal transplant, in Jan 2001. Prev haemodialysis (9 years), treated for cancer, brief spell on PD.. and lots of other stuff like parathyroidectomy, etc etc Kidney patient for 20++ years or there abouts

Need/want to know more.. PM me or send an email :wink:


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Anne in Va
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Post by Anne in Va »

Hi I'm Anne. Born and grew up in Scotland. Now living in Virginia near D.C. Had kidney disease for 52 years. On CAPD approx two years then received a living donor transplant from a friend. This generous gift was given in December so I am approx four plus months out. So far so good!

My husband and I have one daughter , a son in law and one grandson - the joy of my life. I enjoy singing, most types of music, travel, reading and I volunteer as wedding coordinator for my church.
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Post by Kelly »

OK I am Kelly from Hertfordshire in the UK.

I care for my husband Peter, who was diagnosed with ESRF in April 2002. We do not know what caused his kidneys to fail, but we are currently having tests done with Paul his brother for a live donation at Addenbrooks in Cambridge, which will hopefully take place about May time.

We have 3 lovely children Curtis 15, Yasmin 13 and Naomi 12 next month. :D

I dont have many hobbies apart from shopping and chocolate.

Love Kelly
Cheryl in CT
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Post by Cheryl in CT »

Hi, all -

I'm Cheryl, I live in Connecticut, US, and I'm one week shy of 18 months post-transplant. My husband Mark was my donor, and we have 2 kids: a daughter, Ryan, who's currently studying in York, England, and a son, Campbell, who's 13. I'm pushing 50 at the moment myself (and pushing VERY hard), and I've been posting at KPG since NOV 2002. I work in a number of different "interest areas", shall we say, travel some for business, and find that my transplant truly has given me a new lease on life.

I'm always glad to try to help when I can, and I'm willing to "chat", not only here, but also via PM, on MSN or by e-mail if there's anything I can do or any info I can provide for you.

wishing you all the best,
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Post by Mike »

Hi I'm 32 and i have FSGS. I was originally (incorrectly) diagnosed with FJHN about 12 or so years ago.

My clearance is 16 so I'm just about to go on the transplant list in the next month or so and expect to be on dialysis in about 6 months (unless i am very lucky and get a transplant before then). virtually my whole family have renal disorders strangely all different ones!! My Brother has had 2 transplants but has now been on dialysis for 13 years and my Dad & sister have FJHN.

Mike :roll:
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Post by George »

Hi I'm George. I have Henoch Scholines Pupora (HSP) I come from Wakefield. My interests are Wakefield Trinity Wildcats and I am the website photographer for the Wildcats. I am married with five grown up children ages from 21-29..then we bought a tv.
My nickname is PSYCHO CAT, Psycho cos i'm mad and cat after the wildcats.
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a bit about me :)

Post by shameless »

Condition.....FSGS and Nephritis, also have M.S or Motor Neurone Disease
(Doctors haven't decided which yet!!!!)

I am know as Shameless Shane because nothing fazes me :twisted:
I am married and also have a 9 month old girl who is gorgeous :D

Please don't take me too seriously, as everybody who know me in chat, i am a bit of a joker :twisted: , Well, someones got to make you lot laugh!!!!
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Post by Lorna »

Hi, I'm Lorna. I'm 34 and live near Aberdeen, Scotland. I've been diabetic for 23 years and my kidneys started to fail while I was expecting my daughter who's now 5 1/2. My kidneys failed totally in July 2001, I started PD in September 2001 and was lucky to be transplanted in October of that year after being on the transplant list for only 10 days!
amanda in CA
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hi there from Ca

Post by amanda in CA »

Hi, I'm Amanda, I'm 41 years of age, and although I'm British I currently live in California, with my husband and son, blake, aged 3. I have lived over here for four years and at present have no plans to return to the UK to live. I am currently on PD using a cycler at night, have been back on dialysis for about a year, my 10 year transplant having failed. Prior to the transplant I was on CAPD for 18 months. I am a trained nurse, but don't plan to work again as a nurse. prior to leaving the UK I was working as a Field Inspector for the Health and Safety Executive and am still actually employed by them (I took 3 years unpaid leave because funnily enough they don't have an office here that I could re-locate too, and now I am on a further three-year career break to be a primary carer to my son).

I am really excited to see this new board, I have made a lot of friends through the old one, and look forward to making new ones on this one. Amanda
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Post by Hal »

Hello everyone :lol:

I'm Hal from Liverpool, UK. I'm 22 and on APD (automated peritoneal dialysis, overnight). I have been on this since January (4 months) and prior to this I was on haemo dialysis for 6 months.

I was diagnosed in November 2000 with MPGN Type 1 (membrano proliferative glomurelonephritis). Unfortuantely the disease progressed pretty quick and I was on dialysis within 2.5 years.... however, there are loads of MPGN people out there whose kidneys last forever!

I am a student at University, currently living at home where its easier for now. I hope to escape soon... if I'm really lucky to the US or Canada.

Now on the transplant and hoping for that call one day :?:

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Post by Sandra »

I too am carer to my husband Jim who was diagnosed as being in the early stages of Alport in 1991. In 1993 he started Peritoneal Dialysis for a year and a half then Hemo for the last 4 months then shortly after received transplant :( . In late 2002/early 2003 his transplanted failed after almost 9 years. (pretty good for only working 30%) Now back on Hemo temporary until PD leakage clears. And we await for the call too. We have two children; a daughter 18 yrs old and son 16 yrs old. But I have to work out of the home as we have to pay bills right?

Sandra from Canada :-D
Rachel in NY
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Me, Me, & All About Me :)

Post by Rachel in NY »

Hi I'm Rachel & live in NY, known on the chat as Radiant Rachel or "the wise chatterbox" :wink: I am 16 years old so for the most part, I'm a student. In my spare time I love to read, play the piano, generally hang out all lazy, aimlessly surf online & chat on messenger or the kidney support chatroom, and avoid getting hurt ;) I love to eat junk food if i can and am a diet pepsi addict.

I have type 1 diabetes since I was 8, and my kidneys failed out of the blue abt 3 years ago. It was later determined I had obstructions and stones & what not, which caused backup, and then infections/scarring which eventually caused my kidneys to fail. I had numerous surgeries attempting to repair the damage, some successful, some not & was also on hemodialysis - which began 3 days after my diagnosis. 1/2 year after my initial diagnosis, they discovered a tumor in my kidney (which they earlier on wrote off as "scar tissue", had a partial nephrectomy, then various other complications all set in & decided to hit me at once.. Some were serious, others not as serious, but for the most part I was pretty hard hit for a while. I got 'em all dealt with, and finally May 18 2003 I recieved Krystyl, my new kidney. Should have legally changed my name to Lucky Rachel.

Anyway, we're both doing well, and I look foward to lots of good times ahead.

I don't think abt the future so much, I try to concentrate on living today (Rachel's Rule #38) but I do think in the future my job/career would involve children/teens and medicine. Maybe a social worker, or maybe a dialysis nurse. I want to make a difference in the lives of ill children.

So in a nutshell, that is me :) Stay tuned for further updates... and feel free to holler with any questions or what not.

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My little story

Post by nycpetit »


My name is Natalie...and I live in the Big Apple, NYC. I am 34 and I guess you could say not yet in ESRD...but I am on a transplant list and in the process of getting some potential matches tested. I have FSGS and intersitial doctors think my kidneys were damaged from too many anti-inflammatory drugs being prescribed when I was a ballet dancer. I first noticed in 1997 that things were not right when i was living in Belgium and literally just blew up over a course of days. In a sense, I have been very lucky to have this much "time" so far..relatively unencumbered..but in the last year and a half things have grown worse. And so as I take my daily pile of pills, I await the call, or day, as many others here are doing or have done. :)

I knew I wanted to be a dancer from the age of 5, and I was a professional one for 17 years. I lived abroad for eight years, which I adored, and I never thought I would come back to NYC..never say never.

I am recently unengaged from a mentally challenged fiance, and working on healing both mind and body. It's a long process. By day I am a data analyst, tutor in academic schools, and am a private academic tutor to a ten year-old, in addition to teaching ballet when I get the chance. I am also working on my pilates certification..and finally..I am exhausted just reading this...I am working on my doctorate in psychology.

I am a chocolate and Diet Coke fiend..which of course needs to be :wink:
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