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Hi All,

I am a new user who is amazed at the similar stories of the people on here. I cannot believe that doctors fob off so many people with these symptoms, presumably because they don't recognise them. I myself went to my GP when I was 20 with intermittent pains in my left side only to be told it was "bad posture" when I knew it wasn't. 10 years on still having pains every few weeks my husband found me lying on the floor crying in agony and persuaded me to go back. Once every two weeks I would have pain of about 9 out of 10, no painkillers would even take the edge off it, I was putting hot water bottles straight onto it to try and relieve the pain and once even burnt my back so much I got a huge blister! thankfully I went to a different GP as we'd moved since my original visit, who was stumped so sent me for a full scan which picked up an UPJ. My kidney function was 25% in my left kidney which is also very small so they were discussing whether or not just to remove but they decided to give me a laposcopic pyloplasty last May. The relief was amazing. Personally in hospital I felt quite sicky and seedy until they took the wound drain out 5days later, an hour after they took it out I felt much much better the change was amazing!

I got results back in March from a scan I had back in August (i forget the name of the test but the one they check to see if both kidneys are draining) and they are which is great news. The only problem is I have now started to get the pain again. Now its pretty much every morning for about 4-5 hours I would say a discomfort level of about 4 out of 10 so I mentioned this to the surgeon in March who said he can't explain that maybe its just 'one of these things' but put me in for another scan this August.

I don't know if I should go back to my GP as technically I do have a hospital appointment but its not for another 5months and I don't know whether I can put up with the pain until then although I have went through worse for 10 years having just learnt to deal with it. I wonder if anyone has any thoughts?
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