Normal/large amounts of concentrated urine, why??

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Normal/large amounts of concentrated urine, why??

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I am not a kidney patient, but would appreciate some insight!

I have POTS, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, where if I remain standing my heart rate and b/p go up and I feel lightheaded. So, I spend most of my time sitting at home or in the car. Anyway, this started 4 years ago(I am 50) and have been to many doctors to find out what is the root for this happening. So far, nobody has been able to find out.

Recently, I had to do a 3-day fast in the hospital, with IV at 3L/day. My urine output was roughly 2500 cc/day. What I noticed was my urine was medium yellow to a little darker the whole time. I would have thought that having 3000 cc of IVs and some drinking water would have diluted my urine to clear or light yellow.

I just did a 24-hour urine and the urine in the cup was medium yellow to orange(first morning). I drink probably 3/4 of a gallon of liquids daily, so no shortage of input!

I have always told the doctors about my POTS that I feel dehydrated and my skin on the back of my hands look like old vinyl record grooves!!

I know usually large amount of intake/output would mean dilute urine, and the opposite. But large intake/output with CONCENTRATED urine????
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