Top Tips for those going in to have a tx

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Re: Top Tips for those going in to have a tx

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sporti wrote:Hi

I had a live donor transplant and I wish I'd have realised that the anti rejection drugs can cause diabetes. If I had my time again I would cut out all sugar well before my transplant in the hopes that would help not get diabetes as I unfortunately now have Type 2 caused by anti rejection meds. For those who get the call for a cadaver transplant again I would advise start cutting down on sugar when on list and cut it out completely after transplant.
My husband got diabetes after his tx. The tacrolimus sent his blood glucose sky high and no amount of cutting down on sugar helped. He almost cut sugar out of his diet altogether. He's now on Metformin for the diabetes but this is causing a lot of problems.
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Re: Top Tips for those going in to have a tx

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Remarkable sharing!
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Re: Top Tips for those going in to have a tx

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baverages might be direutics however practically speaking I found that by blending the beverages I kept up the fluid admission all the more effectively. I wish I had considered at that point setting off to the espresso place to get a latte twice per day. My phosphate levels had dropped post tx (very regular I get it). So the drain would have been useful. At this stage you are drinking to stay aware of the kidney. What's more, the genuine trouble is defeating the hesitance to drink more than you truly need to. Kid is it hard?
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