Much to think about

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Much to think about

Post by JMan »

Well my last clinic was different for sure. Consultant hinted at possibility or to consider double transplant. (actually I'd need 3 ops) heart, kidney and sorting out the bladder/uterus problem.

Not something to consider lightly even if it was possible. Its just thoughts in the ether, would involve much testing, appointments etc..
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Re: Much to think about

Post by Rik »

that's BIG news!!
and definitely something that you need to discuss with her ladyship..
it would certainly change your life if it all went well..
good luck mate!!
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Re: Much to think about

Post by Thumps »

Gosh that is a lot!! Deep breaths...

I'm currently working out whether I want to pursue a liver transplant (my PKD is also PLD, yay).

Wishing you all the best
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Re: Much to think about

Post by wagolynn »

Wow, if they are asking they must think it a viable option but that is a lot to think about.
Best wishes which ever way you go.
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