Stage 3a kidney disease

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Stage 3a kidney disease

Post by becky225 »

Hi everyone, thank you for having me!
I had a blood test this week and my creatinine was high and my eGFR was 56. I have yearly/6 monthly blood tests for other things, so i know my eGFR has been bobbing around the high 50s/mid 60s for a few years but this time my GP has asked for me to come back for an appt. Should i have asked for an appt before now? Should I be concerned and start actively doing things to help my kidneys?

(My kidney problems are caused by a medication i used to take, it is still slowly declining even though i stopped the medication in 2017).
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Re: Stage 3a kidney disease

Post by Skm »

Hi Becky225,

Welcome to the forum.

The important thing with eGFR is the trend. If it is bobbing around the same figure, there is no emergency. Maybe your GP just wants to touch base with you for a general chat and review. Maybe they just want to review medication or your general health. Don’t panic. Just go and make that appointment to see what they say.

Best wishes
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