Cost of living Food - Community Grocers

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Cost of living Food - Community Grocers

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Cost of living - FOOD
Hi all, just wanted to mention, you may have a Community Grocers in your area.

These are NOT food banks, more of a co op grocery, and backed by the All Nations churches.

You register with an annual fee, (£5) to become part of a co op, and then a shop is just £4 a time (you can easily get a weeks worth of shopping for very little)

Shared to NKF/KCUK etc.

We use our local when we can as food deliveries from the supermarkets are EXPENSIVE
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Re: Cost of living Food - Community Grocers

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I had always wondered how people got food bank vouchers. (Maybe you all knew already). As a result of some volunteering I’ve done I can answer - through your local citizens advice service. If they can’t refer you directly they can tell you who can. In some areas they are also responsible for distribution of the Household Support Fund. They also do benefit checks, help you apply for benefits, budgeting help and debt management. All this on top of the hundreds of other things they help with. You can find details of your local service on line - Google it. Search for your local office on their home page.
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