40 Year Anniversary

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Chris Wright
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40 Year Anniversary

Post by Chris Wright »

For what it's worth, if people are interested, i had the 40th anniversary of my transplant on the 23rd Sept.

The kidney is still working well, eGFR about 60, Creatinine about 110.

So for all those more recent, hopefully yours will last as long, or longer than mine.

The rest of me is falling apart, prostate, heart etc...! :)

All the best

Transplanted Sept 1981

Still enjoying life like a 21 year old, or younger!
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Re: 40 Year Anniversary

Post by Thumps »

WOW! That's amazing, long may it continue!

I'm closing in on 13 years, eGFR 45-49, creatinine 110-120.
PKD/PLD diagnosed 1994, CKD stage 5 Oct 2007, Living Donor Kidney Transplant Dec 2008, still going strong!
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Re: 40 Year Anniversary

Post by wagolynn »

It should give hope to others, thanks for sharing it.

Best wishes
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Re: 40 Year Anniversary

Post by Rik »

blimey Chris that's fantastic!!.. long may it continue too!!
I'm only 18 1/2 yrs post transplant.. but hope mine lasts as long and as well as yours!!
I average out around 45 egfr and creatinine 150 which for height and weight my Prof is happy with..
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