Does a cold/flu with IgAN drop blood pressure temporarily?

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Does a cold/flu with IgAN drop blood pressure temporarily?

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Hello - I have suspected IgAN, and had a cold/flu recently. I noticed something interesting. I had a lot of green mucus formation on a single night. The next day, I noticed a drop in my normally high blood pressure readings (from 135/95 to 115/75). It went back up soon after.

Could having a cold or flu with IgAN temporarily drop blood pressure - at least initially?

I ask because some bacteria that cause cold or flu-like symptoms also produce proteases which destroy IgA - the antibody associated with IgAN.

But then, as the body continues fights the infection, there is a spike in IgA production. This can trigger an IgAN episode and kidney damage.

In the hope of alleviating this effect by reducing mucus (which has a lot of IgA antibodies), I've been drinking a lot of chicken broth, eating chicken congee and salt-gargling multiple times a day (with the occasional gargle containing some activated charcoal; note caveat on the page though)
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