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Creatinine shoot up in 4 week times?

Posted: Tue Apr 19, 2016 10:57 am
by yeh
4 weeks ago, i was admitted in hospital. over my 2 weeks staying in hospital, doctor didn do anything, didnt on drip . just give me injection of Hydroxychloroquine.and i was diagnosed with urine infection. so creatinine able to goes up from 160-210. but down again to 155.
however, last few days, my creatinine shoot up to 240. such a shocked to me. as i didn expect there is so much shoot in just few weeks time.
doctor has been stop my enarapil, which i used to protect kidney and keep my urine protein negative.
however, there is 1+ urine protein in my urine test. my blood pressure used to below 130/80. now sometime, it can shoot up to 150/95 if i do some physical activity.
i have been worried for my condition. This year, i was admitted twice. Jan admitted due to diarhea and dehyration. delay the admission. so creatinine shoot up to 400++, nearly need dialysis. however, after drip. then able to drop to 150++
then during march usual check up. my creatinine also shoot up to 240. however, after the hospital stay, it manage to down back to 150++
i wonder is it because i started to work and sometime i worked quite late. then my creatinine shoot up so much?
anybody has any idea?
thank you for your sharing.