Taste and Digestion

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Taste and Digestion

Post by wagolynn »

I have a problem to do with food, taste and digestion.
First a bit of context.

I am 84, I started dialysing at age 70, we ate well, if not five a day then certainly four, low salt (salt replaced with pepper and or herbs).
Prior to dialysis I had a couple of heart attacks, the last one resulted in fitting a Stent into my heart.
December 2021, we moved into a care home, where the amount of salt in the food was unbelievable.
On my first blood test, the hospital dietitian estimated I must have been eating 12 - 15 grams of salt per day (the WHO recommendation for healthy adults is 6 grams/ day max)
It took six months before I got the care home to understand that they were killing all the residents with excess salt...

In this period my blood pressure went up, and I suffered periods of diarrhoea.

With the salt brought down to lower levels the blood pressure has dropped back to my, 'normal'.

But many foods taste, 'wrong'.
I have stopped eating a dinner, I traced one cause of the diarrhoea to bruised or green potatoes' and potato skin. (green or bruised potatoes are cooked and mashed, on the grounds that, 'once they are mashed it doe's not show')
I have Oats and a cooked breakfast, with a salad for tea and Oats for supper. The idea is the oats will absorb some of the salt in the bacon/sausage.

Things like apples, pears, nuts, chocolate, (in moderation) I can no longer eat, they send me to the toilet within about 2 hrs.

My question is, is this intolerance of foods I could eat due to kidney failure or something else?
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Re: Taste and Digestion

Post by Thumps »

I wish I had any knowledge to offer! It does sound quite frustrating!
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Re: Taste and Digestion

Post by Skm »

Sorry to hear you are having such a rough time.
I agree with thumps in that I’m sorry not to have the answer to your question.

However I have an observation - As you have had kidney failure and been on dialysis for so long, your renal function (or lack of it) is not changing.Therefore as your symptoms are relatively new in your personal timeline, they are unlikely to be due to your kidney failure.

Hope you manage to sort it out.
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Re: Taste and Digestion

Post by wagolynn »

Thank you all for your thoughts.
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