suggestion... how about introducing ourselves??

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Re: suggestion... how about introducing ourselves??

Post by Davesw13 »

Thanks, been looking casually for somewhere that offers support like this online, but without luck, as normally US sites and/or full of nonsense.

I’m currently waiting for counselling to help rethink how I work and live, because since the dramatic plummet of numbers the last 2 years I was running, walking 12+ miles a day and climbing mountains and now that’s out the window as I’m blowing like a train at anything over a brisk walk on the flat.

From what I’ve managed to glean online that all relates to less clean blood, oxygen stores and red blood cells. Also we found that iron levels bombed this year and had to go in for an iron infusion this summer, which did help for a few months with the tiredness, but that’s returning again, so fingers crossed for todays blood test results. 🤞
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Re: suggestion... how about introducing ourselves??

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Low iron levels will make you feel really lousy. And totally out of energy. Iron

There's no reason in time you won't be able to enjoy exercise again. But if your levels continue to go down you may be looking at treatment options.
Its scary as hell, but as humans we're very good at adapting. Even if we do go through a 'briefing stage' of denial, etc as changes happen.

The group is here for all. So good luck :)
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