nephrotic syndrome

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nephrotic syndrome

Post by dylanmace75 »

Hi there April the 20th after being diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome and orthopnea and peripheral to the mid abdomen
I have high blood pressure my egfr was 29
I was put on cyclophosphamide treat men't for 3 month's things settled down and i was let home but this didn't last long
So there are multiple issues one being the oedema i was carying two stone of weight just in water so was re admitted on wednesday my egfr was 47 but friday my body was swelling up again and egfr dropped to 27 they have had to stop the chemo treatment for the next two weeks because of low platelets and high white cells
The dr told me things are going in the right direction but im still in the same position as a month ago
Anyone have any knowledge on my problems it would be really helpful
Thank you
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Re: nephrotic syndrome

Post by wagolynn »

Hi dylanmace 75,
Welcome to the forum, and I am sorry for the delay in responding.

The Orthopnoea is likely to be a result of the Nephrotic syndrome, because your kidneys will not be clearing excess water from your body, hence the swelling.

If fluids are building up, you may find sleeping with more pillows to prop you up may help but you need to make sure your doctor is aware of the problem.

I think what your doctor means is, your condition has been diagnosed along with the cause, this enables treatment to begin but there is a temporary interruption in the treatment due to the low white cells.

Did you see a kidney consultant?

I would ask the doctor if you should reduce your fluid intake to reduce the swelling but do ask before making any changes.

Best wishes.
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