should i go to hospital with GFR 22

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should i go to hospital with GFR 22

Post by deemaxxx »

im new here and thank god i have found this forum, i have been suffering chronic kidney disease for 4 years now and recently I have had bad hypertension , this week my blood pressure has stayed at 192/120 130 so so it's critical stage now. I must state that I've been getting serious headaches for about 7 months now my doctor knows this information but he didn't act on it I feel he should have acted sooner and checked my blood pressure and hypertension and got me straight on to to hypertension medication at least 7 months ago when these headaches started.
My doctor took me off losartan3 months ago co-ip feel he's shooting have taken me off lasartan, I feel this has made my blood pressure worse a couple of weeks ago go I had bloods taken my GFR was a 28 then after that I had bloods taken again my GFR dropped to 22 I didn't ask my doctor is it not time to get me a kidney specialist he told me no no I also asked him is it not time for me to go into hospital where at least I can be put on a drip and get the right the right treatment he also told me now now I am a scared this week of my GF are falling even further to below 15 , so surely I should go into hospital with hypertension and chronic kidney disease , I could take a stroke or a heart attack at any moment , please give me your thoughts and is anyone out there in my situation and what would you do I'm starting to get desperate my diet isn't great but it is ok I'm eating salads everyday , soup and wholemeal bread I have limited my alcohol intake and I'm not drinking as much although I do have have two pints of Guinness stout per night I do not smoke anymore I'm trying to do relaxation therapy in the morning at night deep breathing
so I will leave this here and await any advice you can give me
thank you in advance
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Re: should i go to hospital with GFR 22

Post by Thumps »

Hello there - the short answer to your question is no, there's no specific need to go into hospital with a eGFR of 22. Many people can live a pretty normal life with a stable eGFR of that level (I did for a number of years).

However - you don't say in your post if you have a diagnosis of *why* you have chronic kidney disease, i.e. if there's an underlying cause. Also, in most cases, having well controlled blood pressure is one of the best ways to support your kidneys if they're not working especially well.

It certainly sounds like you should be asking your GP for more help and potentially having a conversation with a kidney specialist team to me, they can give you guidance on things like diet and general health as well as more info on what's causing your kidney disease and any support they can give you.

I would suggest that if your GP will not refer you to a kidney specialist team, you should ask for a second opinion. From what you've said, it's unclear what kind of support you should have to help mitigate against any further deterioration or the underlying cause, e.g. high blood pressure.

Eating more healthily is a really good idea, as is cutting down on alcohol and not smoking. Try not to worry about stroke or heart attack too much, it's still very unlikely. Good luck getting more support and with understanding your situation better!
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Re: should i go to hospital with GFR 22

Post by wagolynn »

Hi deemaxxx.
Thumps has offered you good advice, I would add, try to eliminate added salt from your diet, (to help to reduce blood pressure) and shift to the so called, "Five - a - day diet".
Basically this is aiming at eating five portions of fruit or vegetables each day.

If you are not getting swollen ankles, than aim at drinking 1.5 to 2 litres of fluid each day, ( to help your kidneys) if you have swollen feet/ankles, do's your doctor know?

Best wishes.
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