I'm new.

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I'm new.

Post by Bea2913 »

I am waiting for a visit to the urologist.
My doctor can not tell me anything about my results
The right kidney appears normal measuring 9.8cm. The left kidney is
mildly hydronephrotic with dilatation of the upper ureter which persistent post micturition. The left kidney measures 10.9cm. The urinary bladder appears normal with a negligible residual volume.
Mildly hydronephrotic left kidney with dilattaion of the upper ureter.
No cause is demonstrated
Do I have to worry?
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Re: I'm new.

Post by wagolynn »

Hi Bea2913,
Welcome to the forum.

This may help you https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/Hydronephrosis/

If treated early it should not cause you any long term problems.

Don't worry (easy to say) no amount of worrying is going to make any difference apart from causing you unnecessary stress.

Once you have seen the consultant, it may help others if you posted the result.

Best wishes.
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