What the Heck?

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What the Heck?

Post by tback »

The first time I had any information about a kidney problem was when I got a call from a Nephrology clinic, to set up an appointment. I had no idea my Dr. referred me to them. What does it mean, what will happen, am ‘i going to sprnd the rest of my life with a progressive awful disease? Why am I not sick? I am reall really depressed....on top of my existing depression.
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Re: What the Heck?

Post by wagolynn »

OK slow down a bit, at this stage it just means your doctor thinks your kidneys are misbehaving a bit.

If the appointment is a long way off, ring your doctor to ask why the appointment is needed?
Otherwise wait, and find out what, if anything, is wrong.

There are many kidney conditions that can be corrected.

For sure, what ever is wrong cannot be cured by worrying about it.

Best wishes.
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