How to inform employer that I need a transplant

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How to inform employer that I need a transplant

Post by jammydoger »

Hi All,

Im about 6 months away from needing a transplant, my employer does not know about my condition at the moment. I now feel as though it is the correct time to inform them as im going to start to need days off for testing etc. Does anyone have any tips on how to tell my manager that I have a kidney condition and need a transplant?

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Re: How to inform employer that I need a transplant

Post by wagolynn »

Not knowing your manager makes it difficult to suggest anything.

In principle, I would keep it simple, just the basic facts as you know them, he/she may ask questions about the condition, and length of time you will be away from work.

Best wishes.
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Re: How to inform employer that I need a transplant

Post by Thumps »

Check your contract and HR policies before you go to your manager so you know exactly what you're entitled to when you have to take time off. Figure out how supportive they may or may not be from that. Tell them you'll keep them as informed as you can in the lead up to anything happening. Ask them what kind of support you can expect and how you can work together to make it work.

I told my employer about a year before I ended up getting a tx. I took three months off on full pay and went back to the same job but I realise I was fortunate to have that!
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