Securing PD Catheter

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Securing PD Catheter

Post by Tel »

I have discovered that mounting the catheter Vertically on the side of my body in a mepore dressing is more comfortable and less visible than Horizontally on my chest or tummy. Is there any reason it should not be vertical? It seems most hospitals mount it horizontally and all the PD belts you can purchase also focus on horizontal.
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Re: Securing PD Catheter

Post by wagolynn »

I don't see any problems with that but I would see what your PD nurse has to say about it.
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Re: Securing PD Catheter

Post by Dibs »

I tried it in various positions - side, front, horizontal, vertical, clockwise, anti-clockwise. My nurse said to use whatever is comfortable. I found that I would occasionally bang it with my arm when it was on my side and found the mepore stuck better when it was horizontal on my belly.
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Re: Securing PD Catheter

Post by SKM23435 »

Don't think it matters as long as it's comfortable. Mine was most comfortable horizontally, but for various reasons I occasionally fixed it in other positions. It was never as comfortable. It's what works for you.
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Re: Securing PD Catheter

Post by pdbelts »

Hi Everyone!

My husband is on Peritoneal Dialysis and when the catheter was inserted, we found that the belts available in the UK weren't secure enough for him to go golfing (he's a very keen golfer). The clip type belts irritated him and were too loose. We also found they poked through his clothes, so I made him one after many different trials, which contains the catheter and leaves a clean line against outside clothing.

Since then, I've been selling them online and started a support blog to raise awareness / generally vent about all the things we hate about kidney disease etc.

I'd really appreciate other patient's thoughts on the product, as I really think it's one of the best ways to get support for your PD Catheter. Could I please ask just a few people to check it out at

Thanks so much everyone and best of luck with your treatments.

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Re: Securing PD Catheter

Post by Epgibbons »

Hi all, I just use mepore tape to hold it vertically. Works for me.
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Re: Securing PD Catheter

Post by Grey »

After 2 years of dialysis I just stuck it using mepore in the most comfortable position. Grey
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