Some advice needed please

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Some advice needed please

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Hi ,
I have just found this site after googling to try to get some info on CKD. My lovely Mum who is in her seventies has been having health problems for about three years , her symptoms have been vague ie high BP , anaemia, weight loss , fatigue and a general feeling of being unwell. Aparently her KF has been reducing over this time but she has not been informed after her yearly routine blood tests that this was happening.
In July she collapsed while we were out shopping , was admitted to hospital but discharged the same day. I took her to the GP and she was refered to the hospital and has undergone a battery of tests on her kidneys, none of which we have the results for. Last week she collapsed again and was admitted .
It was found that she has severe anaemia (7.5) has recieved a blood transfusion and is now home.
The little info I have is that her urea is 10.5 and creatinine is 263 hb is now 9.5.
She also has multiple kidney stones

We have an app to see a Urologist next week, unfortunatly he is Nigerian and I anticipate there may be a language barrier ( I could be wrong but have been told he is difficult to understand)

Can anyone suggest which questions to ask? and what treatment to expect.

Sorry this post was a bit long and rambling ! Any advice would be welcome

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