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Just wondering if any of you guys have suffered with cmv and then had problems with getting WBC to go up, mine is struggling, had the CMV in july have been on the valcangciclovior tabs since then, until last saturday when stopped, couple of weeks ago was back in hospital again with water infection, have to go to clinic twice a week to check levels and am unable to go where there are crowds of people, but the main thing is kidney doing well, just coming up to 7 mths

The water infection has now cleared up and also there is no CMV in my system, went to clinic yesterday and the doc said that valgangciclovior can cause wbc to drop and i hope that in time, like mega quick as am hoping to go to spain 5 weeks on sat, but if i cant go what can i do !! i phoned later for result and still at 1.9, blah.

Just frustrating as feel soooo much better, back at work, not a lot of people work there and am being as clean as i can, dont want to get paranoid about it, thank god im not or i would go nuts.........

Have to remember there are other patients out there having much worse time than me.

Hope all doing well

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