first excoursion

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first excoursion

Post by Bruce »

This weekend I am taking my first trip away from home while on PD. We're going into Manhattan for two nights for my niece's wedding.

I think I know what to bring and how I'm going to manage everything (luckily we have a big car) and I've tried to plan everything out, but if you have any advice from your own experiences I'd be glad to read them.

Thanks. Bruce
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Post by JMan »

AS a non PD patient I can say, take 'spares' of caps, connectors any 'bits' that you need. Just in case you need em. Am sure yve thought of other 'normal stuff' like phone numbers, etc..
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Post by Hal »

Take the spares just in case.

If you use the machine at night, take a couple of manual bags just in case.

Find out where the nearest hospital with a PD unit is to where you are staying - don't plan to use it, but just in case.

Have a great time,

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PD in New York City

Post by nycpetit »

You could always call the Rogosin Institute if anything is wrong. That's where I go and they are excellent. I am not on PD, but they have a huge unit and could help you out. It's 505 East 70th Street, the second floor. The number is 212-746-1578 and the emergency 24 hour number is 212-535-1120. And you can always send me a private email here if you have more questions.

amanda in CA
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Post by amanda in CA »

Hi, I've just returned from 3 weeks in the UK - met up with Rik (sorry about not meeting up with anyone else but I ran out of time). Baxter were excellent. I took my PD machine with me (and the 15 lb transformer that I needed for the voltage difference). Used the machine for the weekend and then it died on me. Called Baxter who delivered another machine in the time that it took to travel from south Wales to Bucks. Unfortunately, plugged that in that night and guess what, it didn't work. The only downside of the experience with them was that the technical guy (directed to a US one because the British office was closed) had absolutely no idea about UK voltage and tried to tell me that it was a voltage problem and then suggested I phone back in the morning. Phoned Baxter back and told them that not good enough and they delivered another machine that night. Admittetedly by the time it arrived it was about 1.30, I was too pooped to connect it all up, so skipped it that night. Other than that, couldn't fault the service.

Digressing a bit: Looked like a blimp by the time I arrived at my mum's the following day. You know how everyone always says how well you look even if you feel like s***, well someone who I have known all my life saw me and said 'you look pretty good considering'. Strange, that really upset me because I hate people pretending that you look great, but when they don't say that you do, then you know that you must look pretty bad! You must bear in mind that I haven't seen these people in two years and when they saw me last time I had a functioning kidney so I probably do look a lot worse that then. Anyway, all in all had a good trip although the cabin crew had to give me some moral support on the flight from hell with my three year old on the way back. Amanda
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