Fancy Dress Weekend

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Fancy Dress Weekend

Post by George »

As some of you will know I am a Wakefield Trinity Fan. Last weekend we went to London for a match. Many fans (500) went for the weekend in fancy dress..this happens every year.

I took 11 members of my family and we went as charictors from Shrek...I was Shrek and even had my head shaved for the job. If you click on the trinity wildcats link below you can see the pictures that I have put on the Wakefield Trinity official website. This link will take you to the homepage, just look for the London Match pictures (text) and may take a little time to load as there is a lot of pictures.
Enjoy..oh by the way go to the toilet first so you don't wet yourself laughing. Oh god how will I ever live this down. :lol:

By the way Wakefield won and consolidated their spot in the top 6.
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Post by Hal »

You make a superb Shrek George!

Glad to see your keeping up with the fun.

Anne in Va
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Post by Anne in Va »


Green is definitely your color!

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Post by Rik »

I see you didnt bother getting dressed up George ... you could have at least put on make-up!!!!!
shame when all those around you tried so hard ;)
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Post by Andy »

George that looked like great fun.
You made me smile and laugh.
Keep on enjoying your self.

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Post by JMan »

Ooooh that IS a pic for the chat gallery :) Nice one George:D hehe :p
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Post by Sueleic »

Hey George
You best watch out if they want to put Shrek on the stage
You fit the bill spot on!!!!!
Looks like a good time was had by all
Take care George
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Post by Pam »

I laughed at the pictures of you as Shrek-you really do look like him! Your devotion to your Wildcats reminds me of us Chicago baseball fans and how we love our or lose! (and how we despise the St. Louis Cardinals! :evil: ) Not really :wink: -we just do not like to see them win because they do like to brag! :roll:
Glad your 'Cats won! :D 8)
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