Odd foods? What do you like to eat???

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Strange Foods

Post by R30 »

When I was a kid, I used to make myself marmite and strawberry jam sandwiches... (I can't believe I just admitted that to you all!)
However, something that happened last week has to take the biscuit (if you'll pardon the pun). My mother was peckish late one night last week and decided to have a honey sandwich. She buttered the bread and opened the strange looking tub of honey, spreading it on quite thickly. Taking a large mouthful, she realised that the honey had a strange perfume to it and spat it out - whereupon she realised that she had just spread my sister's leg wax on a slice of bread! :shock:
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Post by JMan »


LOL Oooh lookie.. a 2 page thread.. it must be good:)
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Post by Cynthia »

As a child I would make toast and then put butter on it then sprinkle sugar on the toast and eat it with hot chocolate. Then there was the time that I made a fried egg and chocolate chip sandwich. When I was pregnant cheese anything with cheese and lots of garlic. Then there was the baked fish and steak. Oh yeah had buffalo they other night different. much like beef . Then there is the deep fried aligator yuck too fishy.I think that is about it besides the normal southern food I cook like greens and cornbread.
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Post by Andy »

i used to and still do like, apple sauce sandwiches and also tomato sauce sandwiches.
Also there used 2 be a packet of the spongy things u put in a trifle, i used2 munch on them.
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Post by LadySycamore »

LOL wow..had a good time reading up on this. :lol:

Ok, here goes:

1) Take bacon, eggs, cheese...lightly toast some bread and make into a sandwich...with lots of mayo on the bread! Ooo god yes!!!! LOL
2) I've done peanut butter and bacon...maybe not so strange. I Like the peanut and salty bacony taste.
3) Peanut butter, jelly and butter.
4) OMG I can't believe I'm gonna admit to this: take favorite crunchy cereal (not the kind that gets soggy quickly), pour a bowlful. Pour some milk over it, but not a lot. And THEN...melt about two tablespoons of butter in a pan and then...hehe, pour over the cereal! That's right! Best with a hard, crunchy cereal with raisins and granola. LMAOOO! :o :lol: :wink: :!:
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Post by George »

Nearly wet myself at R30's story..well I would of if I was physically able :cry: :wink:

I have a couple of tales one involved me and the other a work friend.

I absolutely hate fish, carn't stand the look smell or thought of any kind of fish. When one of my daughters was growing up she hated spaghetti, having 5 children meal times were very busy and we couldn't really make that many different meals. When Kathryne was about 13..that stubbourn age she refused to eat her spaghetti and said " you don't eat what you don't like so why should I" Fair comment I thought. Kathryne said if you eat something you don't like i'll eat spaghetti. I aske "like what"..big, big mistake. Kathryne said we should have a sandwich..I thought no problem...then she told me the filling....Tuna YUK! Sausage..another hate of mine and instead of butter Jam. I can cope with a little jam but it was about an inch thick. I felt sick at the sight of her making it. I thought I knew how to get out of it. I told Kathryne that she had invented the sandwich so she had to eat it first...to my amazement and disgust she ate the lot and said she could eat it again. I had one little bit and started to gip and throw up. I told Kathryne she can eat whatever she wants but will have to make it herself if its different to what we are having....Then she ate my sandwich.

My next story is also true. I worked down a coalmine and one of my collegues told me the story of his 4th wife. She was from birmingham uk. In Yorkshire where we come from we often have what we call 'mucky fat sarnies' these are sandwiches with the cooked fat and jelly from meat - usually beef, some places call this dripping..very nice with a little salt. Well Terry said he had told his brummie wife he was sick of the sandwiches she was putting him up for work, carn't she do some mucky fat. She said whats that and he told her its just fat spread on bread.... Then one day we sat down for our lunch and Terry said his wife had said she had made him something special for his sandwiches. He opened his lunch box and pulled out some thick filled sandwiches, looked inside and though cheese, oh well its better that the other crap she usually puts up. He bit into the sandwich and spat it straight out....I said whats up, he said the slack brummie bitch had just sliced lard about 2 inch thick. Now he's on wife No 5.
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