Waiting for more tests

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Waiting for more tests

Post by salts99 »

I'm new on here. My eGFR is 53 and doc has asked me for another blood test. I'm now convinced, after research, that I have stage 3a CKD. My serum C protein was also high and some of my LFT's were high too. I received a letter regarding CKD from my docs telling me I need another test. Also, I have tenderness under my rib on my side towards my spine. I have been getting nausea for some time and just generally feeling unwell. Is it possible a reading of 53 can be an incorrect reading? Would it not be nearer 90 if it was just a one off?. I would appreciate any advice as I'm driving myself crazy on Google! I wont get to speak to the doc till next week.

I dont have diabetes and dont think I've got high blood pressure.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Waiting for more tests

Post by wagolynn »

You need more test to find out what is wrong, there are many reasons for a temporary reduction in kidney function, some are curable, without more tests there will be no way of knowing.
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Re: Waiting for more tests

Post by Thumps »

I would also advise against doing too much Googling. Very hard to tease out what might be true vs what might not and self diagnosis is frequently an exercise in fear! More tests is the way to go. Good luck!
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