Hey guys new member Kelly

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Hey guys new member Kelly

Post by K3lly-n33ds-a-kidney »

Hi all im Kelly and have been in end stage renal failure since 2016. Although found out when i was 19 and pregnant with first child and found out this would be in my future. I had renal refux and was not aware until pregnant and only had one kidney left which was also damaged. I was rushed into hospital with a severe urinary tract infection at 5 months pregnant finding this all out. Over the next years of my life was plagued my chronic pylon nephritis. I started peritoneal dialysis for a year before put on haemodialysis for the past 3 years. I an ONLY 37 but feel ancient :| however due to constant infection I would not be put on the transplant list until both kidneys were removed. On the 24th of September 2019 I had both my kidneys completely removed in a open nephronectony and I was cut from one side of my abdomen to the other. The most pain of my life, but after a year and 2 months I was called to be informed I am finally active on the transplant list! I have other health issues that don't exactly help my situation 😒 but I signed up because it would be nice to talk to others who truly know what I'm going through. To be be sat on dialysis and feel less isolated and understood and help others who feel the same also 🥰
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Re: Hey guys new member Kelly

Post by JMan »

Hi Kelly

Really sorry no ones replied to your post. Isolation is unfortunately not uncommon. Thankfully there's this site and some excellent charities such as Kidney Care UK to offer support in many ways.

https://www.kidneycareuk.org/get-support/ Don't be afraid to give em a call as they offer counselling as well as financial grant support in some situations.

It's a event tougher time this year to have changes to health. I've had kidney failure for a long long while!

Good luck. A successful transplant is one of the best treatments with CKD.
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Re: Hey guys new member Kelly

Post by Thumps »

Hi Kelly! Nice to see you here. I've never been on dialysis but I have had a double nephrectomy shortly after my transplant. Wishing you all the very best!
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