Life Insurance Post Transplant

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Life Insurance Post Transplant

Post by DeanH »

Does anyone have any experience with successfully getting life insurance after having had a kidney transplant? I have a kidney and pancreas and not having much luck so far...

Many thanks
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Re: Life Insurance Post Transplant

Post by wagolynn »

Try an Insurance Broker, it will have to be an individual policy.

Good Luck.
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Re: Life Insurance Post Transplant

Post by rheaybou »

I’m lucky to have life insurance through the company I work for, covers existing medical issues. Looked into it for a private policy and it’s very expensive post TX, even 5 years out.
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Re: Life Insurance Post Transplant

Post by emilypawson »

Hi all,

You may have got sorted by now, but The Insurance Surgery is a specialist broker for different medical conditions and they may be able to help.

(Mod Edit - Emily works for The Insurance Surgery.. obviously there are other insurance companies for you to also consider)
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Re: Life Insurance Post Transplant

Post by Thumps »

I've also relied on my company death-in-service policy since my tx. I wonder what it'd be like to try now at 13 years out...
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