Reviews of UK Dialysis Units

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Reviews of UK Dialysis Units

Post by wing »

Afternoon all.
Not been here for some considerable time but I always found it a very helpful place when I was undergoing dialysis - and before.
I have a family member who has recently relocated within the UK and consequently has had to change his dialysis unit.
Not surprisingly, he has found the change to be somewhat traumatic as he was used to the staff, procedures and protocols at his old place and the new place seems to be a very different experience.
Potentially, he could have the option to swap to a smaller unit which may, or may not, suit him better.
This is a long-winded way of asking, does anyone know of any websites that "review" dialysis units - particularly, from the recipient's perspective?
A sort of trip advisor for renal patients?
I know we are fortunate to have the NHS in the UK, treatment free at the point of need etc but, he is not suitable for a transplant and home haemo is not an option so he is stuck with this for life and he is currently very unhappy.
Any info gratefully received.
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Re: Reviews of UK Dialysis Units

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To some degree 'Global Dialysis' allows for reviews of dialysis centres in the UK and globally.. ... ntres.html

Thats all I can think of, but not UK specific review sites:
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