Anyone recieved pip after transplant?

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Anyone recieved pip after transplant?

Post by Beespatellas »

I've just had a kidney transplant and am wondering if anyones been successful in recieving pip or other benefits following the operation?
Chris Wright
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Re: Anyone recieved pip after transplant?

Post by Chris Wright »

Back when i was done benefits were called something different. So i had to look up PIP! :)

About two months post transplant i just applied for every job i could, and that was back in the 1981 recession when jobs were difficult and the unemployment rates was about 12%.

All i wanted was something in London that meant i could get to Guy's for my follow up appointments.

Eventually i got something and have worked ever since. That's over 37 years.

Now the unemployment rate is at a 42 year low of 4.2%.

Best of luck with your job hunting.

Transplanted Sept 1981

Still enjoying life like a 21 year old, or younger!
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Re: Anyone recieved pip after transplant?

Post by Bette2 »


I applied for PIP when I was on dialysis and still get it post-transplant. PIP is supposed to help with costs associated with your illness/disability, if you still have issues post-transplant you would still be entitled to receive a PIP.

My needs have changed but as long as you are honest about your issues when reassessed there shouldn't be a problem. I have issues (amongst other things!) with my memory (remembering tablets etc) and side effects from the drugs, tiredness and some anxiety. I am not able to work full time but have worked 0.6 all the way through dialysis and transplant.

You need to notify them that you have had a transplant and they will send you a form to tell them about the changes, be honest, tell them what you still struggle with or struggle with now and they will assess you as they would anyone else.
Remember, a transplant is a form of treatment, not a cure. My transplant has been amazing and I am eternally grateful, my life is so much better but I am not 'cured' my life is still affected daily and it's complicated, don't feel bad about admitting that if you need to.
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Re: Anyone recieved pip after transplant?

Post by suzeworld »

Since these benefit systems are now notoriously difficult I would get help filling in the forms from a local CAB or disability charity, or if there is not one near you, consider investing in the advice this outfit sell:

Getting your answers to line up to the very specific citeria is something of an art-form these days .. so I think some help is essential. I'm not at all sure that "honesty" is enough - you have to tick their specific boxes in certain ways. If your wording doesn't match theirs you can lose out. This web-based service is run by welfare experts who analyse the law and make it clear to you how the bureaucrats are going to read your form. My illness is not the same as yours but this service helped me get what I am entitled to. I thought it was money well-spent.

The rules are very strict on what you get "points" for ... and I have no idea if you will meet any of the criteria or not.

You can tell this webiste is a good thing cos the Daily Fail slagged it off, in an article I just read when trying to find the link for you! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

And if you think you do meet their criteria but dont get what you need, then you must appeal their decision..
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