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Please Can Someone Help!!

Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2018 11:01 am
by sharonmac
Please can someone put my mind at rest. I have been having left side flank pain with upper left back pain, and then the GP found microscopic blood in my urine. I have had the following tests:

7 March 2018 - Ultrasound of womb and ovaries - all ok

Blood tests - normal

24 March 2018 I went to A&E as was in a lot of pain. They performed the following tests:

Blood tests - normal

CT scan of kidney and bladder - normal

The hospital assured me that I did not have cancer. However after a follow up appointment with my GP she has booked me to have a cystoscopy on 5 April 2018. She also said she is 90% sure that I don't have cancer.

This has got me not sleeping or eating as hospital said I didn't have cancer but GP only 90% sure.

Im going out my mind!!!

Re: Please Can Someone Help!!

Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2018 3:12 pm
by wagolynn
Hi Sharonmac,

The tests you have had should have just about eliminated any chance that cancer is the cause of your back pain.

Your doctor is being cautious in saying 90% sure, cancer can appear just about anywhere at any time, making it almost impossible to say anyone is totally free of cancer but it looks as though you are no different to the rest of us.

If I were to guess, which of course doctors do not, I would say you have muscular pain or possibly a trapped nerve in that area.

Relax, stop worrying (easy to say), and remember worrying has no useful effect, it just drains your energy, and changes nothing.

Best wishes.