creatinine went up from 2.1 to 2.56 in just a week

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creatinine went up from 2.1 to 2.56 in just a week

Post by levxx »

Hi everyone. I just want to express my frustration here, maybe someone has the same experience. I was diagnosed with ckd 7 years ago, i was 22. I am now 29. 2 years ago my creatinine was 1.64 and I felt healthy and normal. 20 days ago i was sick and the doctor said i had sinus infection that caused me to have fever and been feeling horrible since. The initial check up my creatinine was 2.1, the dr. put me on decongestants and antibiotics, i was put on 2 types of antibiotics because the moment i stopped the 1st set of antibiotics i started to feel unwell & feverish again. now im on my 2nd set of antibiotics and im still getting fever and feel more horrible than ever. my creatinine slowly was going up within the 20 days of being sick, last week it was up to 2.4 and just yesterday it was up again to 2.56. i am so frusrtrated about how the doctors cant identify what my infection was, my infection should be treated or else ill be put on dialysis within a month. Also recently while doing my kidney ultrasound, they incidentally found a 3cm cystic mass in my ovary, would it be possible that cyst caused my creatinine to go up? would love to hear your thoughts. thank you for reading
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Re: creatinine went up from 2.1 to 2.56 in just a week

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Hi levxx,

It sounds as though your body is working hard to get rid of the infection, sinus infections are hard to cure, and leave you feeling very miserable.

Whilst the infection may make temporary changes to your kidneys, they are unlikely to make any permanent changes.
I would expect things to settle down once your sinuses are back to normal.

Just a thought, dialysis is not the end of life, most people manage a reasonable life whilst on dialysis.

Best wishes.
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