Creatinine and Cheolesterol

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Creatinine and Cheolesterol

Post by caveman38 »

Hi, I'm a first time poster.
I had a call from my GP yesterday following a blood tests. I have been asked to have another test for my creatinine levels and was also informed of a sharp increase in my cholesterol.
As yet I do not know my creatinine figure but was informed of an increase of cholesterol of 5.9 from 4.6 over 6 months.
I have been on Allopurinol for 10 years+ for gout and have that under control although this may show less than 100% kidney function. Apart from that I don't suffer at all medically.
I admit to having a poor diet and drink less water than I should but with a cholesterol figure of 4.6 you can become complacent.
My only issue is stress/anxiety because of a poor marriage and a 40 year old son still living at home (I'm 66 BTW)
Can anyone help make a coinnection with the facts I have given and tell me if there is any correlation in creatine and cholesterol levels. I also cycle a lot and have done some weights over the last few months and wonder if a 66 yo with more than the average muscle amount can show more creatine than the norm. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Creatinine and Cheolesterol

Post by wagolynn »

Hi caveman38,
Creatinine is a by-product of muscular activity, though it is normally fairly constant for each individual, I suppose, if you changed the amount of activity the amount produced would change.

I think, the best plan would be to wait until you have seen your GP again, and talk to them about the results.

Cholesterol - I can only suggest you shift your diet to the, five portions of fruit and vegetables per day system, after you have had a talk with your doctor.

Porridge is said to help reduce cholesterol, is has high amounts of both soft, and hard fibre.

Best wishes.
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