Pre transplant or not

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Pre transplant or not

Post by thegallops »

Hi I have recently had a chat with the transplant team re being considered to go on list. I am 72 yrs old pretty fit for my age, I have CKD level GFR 10 creatinine 480, I am not on dialysis yet. I have been told that in older people % success is lower, I am quite fit at present although with my 10% kidney function get very tired and my eating habits are strange, food I used to like I hate now.
Basically I have to consider going forward with being put on the list or stay as I am until the point of dialysis , I can't compare being on dialysis as never experienced it.
The clinic have said it is not certain that I will feel better having a transplant in some case people feel much worse.
Has anyone got any experience to help me consider the way forward.
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Re: Pre transplant or not

Post by Russkimberley »


I had a transplant for both a kidney and pancreas approximately 4 months ago. Prior to having this I had no energy, barely an appetite and when I did eat it caused upset stomachs the majority of the time. I was on CAPD which meant I had no real life as needed to be in bed for a minimum of 8 hours each and every night but this form of dialysis suited the fact I was still working. I was on an insulin pump and so injecting continually wasn't an issue but I had been through this stage for many years. When I was added to the list I saw this to an end to the constant hassles the illnesses caused and can honestly say that 4 months down the line I feel 100% better. Recovery from the operation was fairly easy (for me anyway) I am in my early 40's and this has given me a reason to look forward to life and feel that without it I could not look to go on for much longer. If you feel you want the operation then go for it. CAPD isn't the worst experience although it is restrictive. Haemodialysis is less restrictive but more time consuming as I hear it takes the whole day for both the dialysis and then recovery afterwards.

I would recommend the operation as this will banish the tiredness and also give you back a good appetite.

All the best
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Re: Pre transplant or not

Post by JMan »

If the transplant is a success, you will feel better. Initially the side effects of some fairly strong drugs will be a concern, usually the transplant team will find a baseline of dosage suitable to you and the transplant. You WILL need to take the medications day in, day out and regularly or risk loosing the kidney. Bear in mind that transplants and dialysis are treatments, each come with possible complications.. But when they are a success its quite a life changer:) as the other poster has said:)

If you want to find out more about dialysis, take a look here

or this sites own info on dialysis and transplants.
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