Donor is not a tissue match

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Donor is not a tissue match

Post by Johnylefox »

Having previously been advised that my donor was a 5/6 tissue match it nie appears he is 0/6.

Has anyone ever taken a 0/6 from a living relative and what was the outcome?
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Re: Donor is not a tissue match

Post by MatthewC »

That's a shame but it apparently does not prevent the transplant; it depends exactly on a whole lot of things as they can now prescribe drugs to overcome the mis-match in many cases.

However, are you sure that really is what was said? As a donor, I was very confused about this and I think it was because someone used a term like "zero mis-match" - I heard the "zero...match" but not the "mis"! So I thought, incorrectly, that somehow our perfect match had turned the other way.

Hence I do advise that you check to make sure that what has been reported to you is what you understand. In my experience, well, meaning professionals often tended to assume either I understood or that I wasn't interested until I asked them to explain it in terms I could understand - then they found explanations for me and the process moved on.

Best of luck anyway
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