Iga stage 4 ckd GFR 23 weird problems

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Iga stage 4 ckd GFR 23 weird problems

Post by Sparky35man »

Hi I'm 35 year old male diagnosed ckd 15 years ago this is first time I have posted on here I'm at stage 4 kidney disease and have been getting numb hands/feet/mouth and also tingling in my hands and my face which is making me anxious. It's been happening on and off for two years now and when I told my kidney doctor she didn't think It was related which scared me big time so gp sent me to neurologist and she done loads of bloods and a full body exam in her office and also a MRI of my brain and spine but all came back clear and she put it down to metabolic probs and toxins in my blood. I know if u google it stage 4 u can suffer numbness and tingling but I have spoke to various people online at my stage and who have had transplant and they didn't have these probs which made me panic again my fingers also twitch sometimes randomly is there anybody else out there in similar position so I know I'm not on my own and it's not another health problem??? Please respond if u have any idea also my potassium is on high end usually at 5.2 and my estimated haemoglobin is slightly below at 124 but everything else is at levels it should be any ideas??????
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Re: Iga stage 4 ckd GFR 23 weird problems

Post by wagolynn »

Hi Sparky35man,

Potassium should be OK at 5.2 mmol/l - under 6 mmol/l is said to be OK.

You do not mention Calcium, if Calcium is too low it can cause twitching and tingling, Phosphate level will influence Calcium level but I would have expected your kidney consultant to have checked these.

Phosphate range is 1.1 - 1.7 mmol/l. Calcium, 2.1 - 2.5 mmol/l.

Your Haemoglobin is fine, low haemoglobin would make you feel tired, if very low perhaps breathless, and tired.

Some exercise would help, nothing drastic a brisk 20 -30 min walk say 4 days per week should get your heart going. By brisk I mean walking quickly enough to discourage talking.

On the food front, the closer you can get to five portions a day of fruit, and vegetables, the better, fruit juice does not count as one. If you are not retaining water, drink at least 2l per day or as instructed by your consultant.

Should the above make significant changes to fluid intake or food, remember to tell your consultant.

You may read about the dialysis diet, ignore this until you are on dialysis. The dialysis diet is required because dialysis is not good at removing Potassium and Phosphate, and as most of our foods contains various amounts of both, we have to reduce the amount of these we eat to control the levels, healthy kidneys normally do this for us.

Good luck.
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Re: Iga stage 4 ckd GFR 23 weird problems

Post by lashy »

Great reply above, that looks like a good place to start.
Hope things get sorted soon x
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