decline in cognitive function with CKD?

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decline in cognitive function with CKD?

Post by balib310582 »

Dear All,

has anyone with chronic kidney disease noticed a decline in their cognitive function? I guess I first noticed things in 2007/8 when my kidney function started to decline but didn't think much of it. It is not until now, after having a eGFR as low as 4, been on PD dialysis for 3.5 years and then received a kidney in Nov 2014 that it has become a worry. I find it hard to get the right words out when explaining things, my short term memory is terrible and I am finding things at work more and more difficult. Its not something which I have ever mentioned to my consultant as I didn't want to be laughed at, however I have done some research online and found that this can be associated with CKD however I can't find much about it happening to people in their 30's (I am 34), mostly associated with elderly patients. I am going to mention this when I see my consultant, however that is not until July and I am keen to find out whether anyone else has experienced this? I find it quite upsetting, I almost feel as though I need to go back to school! its not a nice feeling at all :(

Many thanks,

33 years old
diagnosed with Alports syndrome
started PD dialysis March 2011
joined transplant waiting list March 2011
transplant received 5 Nov 2014
From Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK :)
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Re: decline in cognitive function with CKD?

Post by wagolynn »

Dear balib10582,

I think you should speak to your GP about this.

Most people do tend to get easily confused, and have to make an effort to think at times, with CKD.
In the main, I think, the confusion is due to lack of sleep, CKD does interfere with sleep patterns.

How is your red cell count (haemoglobin)?

Best wishes
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Re: decline in cognitive function with CKD?

Post by rheaybou »

I saw this on the NKF page on FB!

I will reply the same as I did on FB, mine was bod for the year I was on dialysis (never knew I had renal failure) and has stayed poor since TX, however I am more interested in the Alports bit and how your TX is going if I am honest.So few with Alports and a TX it is worth getting some more info from others.
Now 35 with Alports and I had my first kidney-versary 18th feb 2013....I hope to have many more.

My living donor and his family are doing all well.

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Re: decline in cognitive function with CKD?

Post by suz »

Hi Alison
Many prescription and non prescription medicines can cause confusion or make you less alert. I have noticed warnings about this in the information sheets about medication that I have been prescribed both while on dialysis and after transplant. Mention it to your consultant so that the cause can be checked out.
Regards Suz
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