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Bosniak type 11f kidney cyst

Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2016 6:25 am
by sally k
After long term catheterisation had trial without at local hosp. Was still retaining more than 500mls so they replaced with new catheter. .Unfortunately I then contracted 3 nasty bugs seratia, klebseillia & citrobacter that were resistant to mainstream antibiotics eventually after 6 months of ciprofloxacin and the horrible side effects from cipro I was given iv gentamycin which finally cleared up the infections. Shortly after I had continuous dull ache in left side which everyone from gp to consultants immediately assumed was my back causing the pain. They did us which showed an area that needed further evaluation. I then had ct scan which suggested a further ct with contrast to better evaluate the area. This never happened all I was told was that there was just minimal scarring. Prior to my scheduled visit to st thomas for my ongoing back&leg pain from CES. I requested copies of all my results for st thomas as they hv difficulties in getting up to date results from local hosp. It was then apparent that the ct scan discovered al cystin left kidney suggested that ct was repeated with contrast to better evaluated the area. It was about 5 months la5er when I got copies of results and when I asked why this ct with contrast wasn't done gp didn't know but referred me anyway. I had ct with contrast which confirmed the bosniak type11f cyst 3.2cm x 2.2cm . I've since had u/s for gallbladder which showed multi loculated cyst 3.4cm x 2.2cms. Should I be concerned about this? I would be really grateful for any advice anyone can give me from either personal experience or acquired along their renal journey! Looking forward to hearing from you xx
sally k