Kidney removal

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Kidney removal

Post by janita »

Hi, this is my first post on here. Im due to have my right kidney removed laprascopically next week and I was wondering if someone could tell me what to expect? Im really worried about the amount of pain following the surgery as Ive been taking strong pain killers for so long now that Im almost used to them. The surgeon also said that the operation would be challenging and he may have to resort to open surgery - why would this be??

My kidney function is 30% but i get alot of pain due to the recurrent kidney infections which have caused damage.

How long will I be in hospital for? What is the recovery time?

Any advice greatly appreciated.

J xx
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Re: Kidney removal

Post by MatthewC »

Hi Janita

I donated my left kidney laprascopically two years ago so I've been through this! See my blog for lots of gory details.

The surgeon said to me about the possibility of opening me up if needed. Don't worry though - it's something they have to say to you and the consent form will include it as well. The point is that in the rare case of something going wrong, they cannot stop and wake you up to ask for your permission. I left hospital two days after the op and took things easy for few weeks and after that just avoided doing heavy lifting etc for some months. I didn't get much pain at any time although there are others who suffer badly, and it's all healed really well.

Good luck

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Re: Kidney removal

Post by janita »

Hi Matthew
Thank you so much for your reply.

Im just so fed up feeling ill all the time. Ive had years of kidney infections which resulted in my last one turning to Sepsis. Since then they found out I had a PUJ blockage so I have already had a Pyleoplasty and a Nephrostomy. I am now left with constant pain and aching in my kidney area and my dipsticks are always showing positive for Leukocytes and Protein. My kidney function is reducing and is now at 30% which I know isn't too low however it has reduced from 37% down to 30% in the space of 2 months. This is the reason I am having the kidney removed.

I am a little scared if Im honest so all advice is greatly appreciated.

J x
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Re: Kidney removal

Post by Tibbs »

I got the same thing when I had my kidney removed laproscopically. She said that she might have to open me up idf necessary.

Bear in mind now that you have to be aware nowadays of all the risks and possibilities. The days of a doctor just doing stuff and not bothering to tell you the details is over.

The op itself for me was fine, it was very quick - the issue I had was with post op pain. For some reason they just couldn't get my pain levels down and it took a combination of Fentanyl, Diazapam and Ketamine to get me pain free. The pain went fairly quickly (a couple of days) and I was back at work within 3 weeks.

I certainly know that this was a very atypical reaction; most people are up and around very quickly.
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