Keep Going!

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Keep Going!

Post by lashy »

During all of the low and difficult times many of you will be experiencing a lot of the time......Keep going!

8 years, 9 days ago, my partner was finally blessed with a transplant, after just over 3 years on dialysis . 8 YEARS AND STILL GOING STRONG!

When I read the trauma that many of you suffer on a weekly basis regarding all things 'kidney' I send positive vibes in all of your directions!

When I read about renal and dialysis patients having their (rightfully awarded) benefits cruelly taken away, and funding for much needed dialysis nurses, doctors and units reduced to a pittance, I could weep for you all.

With all of the medical, psychological and physical changes that you have to accept, and now lack of funding for life saving treatment being cut, I can understand why sometimes it could seem easier to not be optimistic for your futures, but.......


In the very wise words of D:Ream......Things can only get better, and they will!

Good vibes to you all...patients, carers and family, as well as the hard working nurses, doctors, hospital transport and all other hospital staff.
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Re: Keep Going!

Post by Dotty »

What a lovely post to start my day with.

As you kno wit is hard to remain positive. I find red lippy helps!!

Dotty x
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Hemodialysis started July 2014

Red Lippy and PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) gets me through each day!
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Re: Keep Going!

Post by SKM23435 »

Thanks Lashy.
A lovely positive start to the day.

Best wishes to your partner too.
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Transplant 9/5/15
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Re: Keep Going!

Post by AmberH »

Lovely uplifting post :) x
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