The relationship with the kidney donor

Approximately 70% of transplant kidneys in the UK come from people who have died. These are described as cadaveric transplants. If you have this kind of transplant, you will not be given any details about the donor.

Nevertheless, many people who have had a Transplant feel a very strong sense of relationship with the unknown person who has given them the gift of a new kidney.

Cadaveric transplants are the most common in this country, but it is possible for you to receive a kidney from a living donor who is a suitable match. If the person is a close relative, this is called a living related transplant.

It may be possible to receive a kidney from someone who is not a relative - such as a husband, wife, partner or good friend. This is a living unrelated transplant - discuss this with your Transplant Co-ordinator. Sometimes there is coordination to allow several transplants for patients to go ahead with different paired donors across them if there is a good match between individuals in the group.

I often think of my donor and thank him for his gift of a full life.

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