Guidelines for posting

The Kidney Patient Guide forum is intended as a place where anyone affected by kidney disease, whether patients or their families and friends, can exchange information and find support. Over the years it has been running it has become a very friendly and helpful place and provides a wealth of information from people who have experienced the effects of kidney disease first-hand.

The forum is moderated by the team who initially established the Kidney Patient Guide and a group of volunteers. Messages are not checked before they are published, so please make sure your messages are polite, respectful and on-topic before you post. Please remember this is a public forum and any posts you make will be available for all to see.

There are certain circumstances where posts may be edited or removed. These include:

  • any postings offering , or appearing to offer, kidney or other organs for transplant. These are illegal and offensive and will be removed.
  • any inappropriate commercial postings, such as from drugs companies or companies selling alternative therapies.
  • messages containing any personal abuse or obscenities.
  • discussions which are totally off-topic.

If you provide health or medical information which is not from personal experience, it is required that you provide a suitable reference for the information (such as a link, or details of the publication where the information was found).

Users must only post information which is true and correct to their knowledge.

If you see a message which you feel breaches these guidelines and should be removed, please notify us at: [email protected]. Otherwise please feel free to use the board to share your questions, experiences and thoughts with the forum community.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The forum is not for queries that would otherwise be addressed to a doctor. If you have a question about your condition or treatment please consult your renal unit or doctor. We do not have any editorial or medical resources to answer individual queries.

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