Workplace blues and Slow processing of Universal Credit

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Workplace blues and Slow processing of Universal Credit

Postby elizzynew412 » Sun Dec 09, 2018 7:01 pm

I tried turn2us calculator and it kept showing zero entitlement to universal credit. My earnings this year and under £10k and I have low energy. Under WTC I would have been entitled to some money. However although I just about manage 25hrs a week I am being made to attend the job centre. I was also forced to ask my GP for a fitness for work form. My GP refused. I can only suppose its because I ticked the box where it asked if I have a terminal illness, otherwise they said I'm not working enough hours ie under 30hrs.

In the meantime the council went straight ahead and took £145 council tax from my bank account although they knew I was applying for universal credit and it will take 31 days for them to process my claim.

In the meantime I suffer constant bombardment from colleagues asking why I was bothering to work with renal failure and osteoarthritis and that they doubt whether I have the energy to do the job or complete the induction period.

I did make an informal Complaint and if things don't improve I know I have the option of a formal complaint. They make a huge do about hospital appointments. I suspect they are trying to get rid of me. It's tiring psychologically and physically to keep going.

They used to keep asking me how I was but after my complaint they stopped asking. I hate every day I have to work and feel like giving up. Life doesn't seem worth fighting for anymore. My family don't share their holiday snaps. Even my son is treated differently because his mother is poor and is a renal patient. I've been a renal patient from the age of 6 and only ESRF since 2006 yet feel its made my life so different from my sisters. I've had so many years being different and I'm tired of it. Never having nice holidays or kind support. I'd refuse treatment but feel I can't because it's unfair on my son. His father's life has moved on but I'm constantly struggling. Why is it cancer patients get support and renal patients don't?
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Re: Workplace blues and Slow processing of Universal Credit

Postby wagolynn » Mon Dec 10, 2018 3:47 pm

Hi, try your hospital PALS office for help and support.

Look at this most charities have a help line, you could try that.

As to work, it sounds to me as though it may be time to give up work, and just get your life organised so you can get some enjoyment.

Best wishes, and a happy Christmas.
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